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We have positioned our company to be a leader in the technology arena. You’ve Got Points has invested over $1,000,000 in developing the most advanced on-line systems in the industry. By owning the technology, we have built a flexible system that allows our clients to choose from an extensive menu of feature options. This is one of many, significant strengths that we have to offer.



  • Easy navigation and account set-up
  • Order history
  • List of favorites
  • Cost center tracking
  • Password specific content
  • 128 bit encryption security
  • Advanced search
  • Similar product views
  • Email items to an associate
  • Thumbnail pictures of
  • Continuous display of shopping cart
  • Links to UPS and Fedex for tracking results
  • Email order notification/confirmation
  • Questionnaire capturing feedback
  • Private categories


  • Database and Web Developers
  • Digital Photo Studio and Media Lab
  • Multiple Redundant Servers
  • Storage Area Network
  • All data backed up over the internet to two different datacenters
  • Email Servers
  • Redundant Internet Access from Two Different Providers
  • 24/7 Monitoring

We send email confirmations when the order is submitted and when the order ships. In addition, order status is available to the buyer around the clock by going to their login account and clicking on the order. Order details, billing totals, and real time tracking information are all at your fingertips.

Our template is very flexible in terms of adding graphic elements to give your site the look and feel you want. Our experienced sales team will create the complete product listing including detailed descriptions of the items.


Website Security

  • Each user must use a unique user name and password to access the system
  • Each user is allowed specific permissions
  • Access to the site can be restricted to a private network
  • All visits and transactions on the site are logged
  • Dedicated servers are located in a Tier1 data center
  • Redundant data backups
  • Redundant hardware