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Engaged employees are your organization’s greatest asset.

Engaged employees deliver exceptional corporate performance – higher revenues, lower costs and delighted customers. And yet, only 25% of employees are truly engaged in their jobs. Today, it is critical that all employees are properly recognized and motivated.

Incentive programs motivate employees to achieve a specific goal or objective. They are usually performance based and the rewards are linked directly to the individual or team performance. Recognition programs ensure employees feel their efforts and contributions are appreciated and valued.

You’ve Got Points is a powerful tool. It offers the easiest and most cost effective way for an organization to:

  • increase employee engagement
  • reduce employee turnover
  • increase sales and profitability
  • reduce costs and expenses
  • improve customer service and satisfaction
  • build company loyalty

We work closely with every client to design, implement and manage customized performance solutions that position their organization to achieve both their individual and corporate objectives, motivate their employees and sales force, and deliver a return on their investment.

You’ve Got Points Incentive Programs improve performance and are easy, fun and effective. It takes managers and employees only seconds to recognize outstanding performance and reward points.

Examples of Recognition and Incentive Programs include:

Recognition Awards

Customer Service Excellence
Employee of the Week/Month/Year
Length of Service
Miscellaneous Awards and Gifts
Outstanding Attendance
Recruiting/New Employee Referral
Training Completion/Certification
Volunteer and Community Service

Reward and Incentive Programs

Cost Reduction
Customer Service
Sales Incentives
Team Building